Ebates.com Website Review & Ratings + Ebates Coupons
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Ebates.com Website Review & Ratings + Ebates Coupons

Ebates: Products & Services

Ebates.com is a shopping portal website that offers coupons and promotional codes for online shopping at more than 1,500 stores on the internet.  Each store listed on Ebates offers unique cash back percentage rebates to shoppers who use The Ebates shopping website. A rebate percentage you will be granted when shopping through Ebates is clearly listed next to the particular store name on the Ebates.com website so you are able to view exactly how much you have earned in savings!  Every 3 months, Ebates will mail you a cash back payment for purchases posted during the previous quarter.  If you have earned less than $5.01 in rebates, the balance is carried over into the next quarterly check.  Bonus rewards are not included in the $5.01 minimum. These are earned through sign-up rewards and tell a friend bonuses.  Ebates offers a variety of convenient methods to compensate your with your earnings.  Currently, Ebates offers three convenient ways to compensate you for shopping with them.  The first method of payment is a check by mail.  The check is sent free of charge to your address you have listed in your Ebates account in your personal settings area of your Ebates profile.  The second payment option is a convenient Paypal payment deposited directly into your PayPal account.  There are no sender's fees when you choose this method of compensation.  The third option offers a chance to donate your earnings to a charity, organization, or family member.  This method is also free, and will be mailed out promptly to the appropriate entity to whom you have generously donated your Ebates earnings check.  

Ebates: Company Background

Ebates was erected in 1998 by two Deputy District Attorneys in Silicon Valley in California who previously prosecuted online fraud cases for the state of California prior to starting their business venture known as, Ebates.  This speaks directly to the safety of your personal information when shopping through EbatesEbates is able to award rebates, because they receive commission(s) from the website(s) in which you make your purchase(s).  Ebates has subsequently been purchased by the owners of Fatwallet.com.  Ebates takes a percentage of the profits they have earned from sales made by you through their affiliate companies and they generously share it with you through an Ebates rebate instead of pocketing all the proceeds.  Ebates benefits themselves, you, and the company in which you have made your purchases!

Ebates: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Ebates generally has good reviews and positive feedback across internet review blogs and websites.  On Yelp, 6 out of 8 customers rate Ebates at 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.  There rating on Yelp is a 3.5, because one customer gave them 1 star and another only gave them 2 stars.  Bear in mind, the majority of Yelp reviews are positive and rate 5 stars. On Epinions, Ebates is rated a 4 out of a possible 5 stars.  Again, their rating is brought down by the few customers who rated them at a 1, because they had a negative experience, or didn't like an experience they had with an affiliate of EbatesEpinions customers who reviewed Ebates generally had positive experiences and rated them 4 or 5 stars on average.  A few customers rated them at a 3 and thought they were an average shopping rewards site.  Their gripe is generally with not being credited points.  As highlighted in this review, rebates are paid every three months (quarterly), and if a consumer does not have a clear understanding of the method in which their account is credited, they have reason to be dissatisfied.

Ebates: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Ebates has been a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business since June 1, 2000. Ebates has attained a prestigious ranking of A+ on The BBB's scale that runs from A+ to F, A+ being the best score a business is able to score.  There have been 24 advertising and sales issues reported by consumers to the BBB.  There have been 2 billing and collection as well as guarantee or warranty issue complaints lodged with the BBB.  There have been 7 delivery issues and 83 product or service complaints.  There have been a total of 118 closed complaints.  The BBB has no currently open complaints with Ebates.  

Ebates: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Ebates.com has a Worldwide Alexa Traffic Rank of 3,110Ebates.com has a United States Alexa Traffic Rank of 628.  Ebates.com has 7,076 sites linking into it.  Ebates.com has a Google Page Rank of 5 out of a possible 10.  Ebates can be easily found on popular review, shopping, and savings websites across the internet.  It is one of the most known, trusted, and discussed shopping portals available to online shoppers today.

Ebates: Social Media Presence

Ebates maintains a Facebook profile that has 191,913 likes.  Ebates has a Pinterest profile with 19 boards, 623 pins, and 165 likes.  They have 588 followers and they are following 167 profiles. Ebates has a Twitter account.  They have 19,475 followers and they have tweeted 3,695 times.  They are following 2,472 other Twitter profiles.  Ebates appears on several shopping and review websites and is easily found and mentioned numerous times across the internet.  Ebates is continuously mentioned and deals from their website are posted on all the major social networking websites online today!

Ebates: Website Security & Safety
McAfee Secure Site Advisor has tested Ebates.com and has found no significant security issues with the website that will cause its users any harm to their computer.  Google Safe Browsing has analyzed the security of Ebates.com and found that Ebates is not currently listed as a suspicious website.  Google Safe Browsing safety checked 305 pages on Ebates.com over the past 90 days.  None of these pages resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent to their computer.  The last time Google visited Ebates.com was September 4, 2012. 
Ebates: Pricing & Packages

As Ebates is merely a shopping portal for stores to be shopped at through, pricing varies greatly on sales made through Ebates' affiliate stores.  There are in excess of 1,500 stores one can shop at using Ebates.  These stores vary and have very different pricing.  While Ebates does offer some lesser known stores to shop at, they also offer tried and true stores such as Target and Walmart

Ebates: Shipping Rates & Policies

When you order a product or products through an online store, using The Ebates Shopping Portal, these items are subject to the particular shipping policies and rates of the store from which you have purchased them.  There are over 1,500 stores you can shop at when utilizing Ebates so be sure to access rates with care and be sure you understand that Ebates does not set these rates or policies.  

Ebates: Payment Methods Accepted

Ebates is, of course, a shopping portal tool and does not set payment methods accepted by the stores in which it facilitates shopping.  Please check the particular store(s) you choose to shop at for their payment methods before you shop with them to be sure this online store suits your payment requirements.

Ebates: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

When you choose to return a product or products you have purchased through the Ebates shopping portal, said items are subject to the particular return policy of the store from which you have purchased them.  If you choose to return or cancel and item or order, Ebates will remove any cash back rebates they have credited you with earned through this transaction.  The return and refund policies of items purchased through Ebates are entirely subject to the store you purchase them through and vary greatly.  That being said, be sure to be carefully access the return policy of the store you have purchased items through to make sure it suits your needs.  

Ebates: Product images & screenshots
Ebates Coupons
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